Luken’s Lane

Luken is a nine year old who last January decided to he was going to be a basketball player. He announced first to his Mom and then his Dad. He started out not being able to hit a six foot basket with his first shot. Then Dad told him the proper way to shoot(but told him he wouldn’t be able to do it until high school). Two hours later, he had a shot his father was envious of.

Luken is in the third grade, he plays on a club team named the Rough Riders. His first game was what you would expect being on the court with limited experience, chaos! The game moved so quickly that he had a hard time grasping what was going on. Luken on his own, decided to study every pro game he could watch.

What happened next is extraordinary.

The game slowed down he practiced only shots he would shoot in a game(200-300 a day). His fall season the team grabbed third place from dead last and he became more determined than ever. He was bumped up to the fourth grade elite team and has been playing solid defense as well expanding his shot distance.

This is his story as he learns to master the game that he lives, eats and breathes.